We Service or Repair on All Makes and Models of Doors and Openers
We Provide 24/7 Same Day Service at No Additional Cost for Nights or Weekends!
Call (502)365-1818 Anytime!
We can save you up to 50% or more on repairs compared to what some companies charge!

Especially when dealing with companies that charge for Overtime!

Call around then call us back!
Senior Citizen Discounts Available!
Most repairs completed on the first visit! 

Garage Door Tune-ups (Recommended once a year for optimal performance and safety.)

Noisy Doors and Door Openers

Broken Springs

Broken Cables

Worn Rollers or Hinges

Door Hit, Off Track, or Crooked

Damaged Tracks

Damaged Sections

Opener Troubles

Transmitters, Keyless Entries, and Receivers

Circuit Boards

Gears or Belts

Seals for Door Bottoms and Trim for Perimeter Seals

Storm/Threshold Seals

Insulation kits

Safety Inspections

And much more!

 We accept , cash, and check (with proper ID).
Help is on the way just call (502)365-1818 anytime or Email us at:  info@5-stardoor.com